This Is The Bittersweet Reality Of Pain, Because It’s Not Just Something That Hurts

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Caique Silva

Pain has a way of seeping into us and turning us blind. Blind to truths maybe, but mostly blind to reason. We always have a way of escaping pain whether that be with a distraction or with denial. We deny pain its factuality. We like to ignore pain and pretend like it doesn’t hurt when it does because if you feel pain you can’t be strong. This is blindness to reason.

We perceive pain as weakness but matter of fact is, going through pain and surviving is proof of strength and sustainability.

The strongest people are the ones that wear their scars as badges of honor that scream “I’ve gone through it and come out alive.”

We underestimate the validity in the truth of ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

The thing about pain is, it’s inevitable. It demands to be heard, seen, felt. If you never allow it to go through you and change you, all you’re actually doing is not allowing it to leave.

Pain is an entity within itself and it won’t leave without its right: to be felt.

And until you serve it the recognition and amenable awakening it longs for, it will remain around the corner waiting to come back later whenever you remember it. Blocking out pain in unnatural and us humans don’t have the capability to deal with pain this way because like it or not, pain is stronger than we are and the more you try to push it away the more it will push back.

Pain wants to be accepted, felt. We don’t realize that pain is a lesson trying to make its way into our consciousness. It’s trying to teach you something you’d never comprehend if it wasn’t for the pain itself.

Pain is not an evil occurrence it’s a merciful one; a necessary one.

Pain serves us the growth we need in order to move forward, pain ripens you up and builds your being so that you could manage what life throws your way next. It slowly builds your emotional stamina.

Pain does not necessitate complete surrender, only acceptance. It does not require you beating yourself up or staying in bed for days on end.

Just because pain is stronger than us does not diminish that we too are strong.

We just need to realize that we don’t need to fight pain, we need to fight ourselves from piling over pain, there’s a difference between constructive pain and destructive pain; destructive pain is self-inflicted.

Realize the process and trust it; trust that letting it be will help. Allow pain to change you and reshape you. Let it build a wall or maybe take one down. Allow it all the time, space and emotional movement it asks for because the harder you try to deny it its existence, the longer you will take to heal.

Pain is a two way deal; you give it acceptance and it gives you empowerment. The more you work with it the stronger you come out on the other side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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