Tell Me More

Joshua Fuller

I’ll sit here and listen to you
Telling me trivial things that mostly make you up
Things you believe in but don’t know why
I’ll sit and listen anyway because I want to understand more
I want to understand things that I don’t essentially have to understand
So tell me more

Tell me how everyone is lost and flailing around
Tell me that while you ignore the fact that you’ve never found yourself
Never even considered trying to
Tell me that while you ignore you’re whole purpose of existence like you were born to die

Tell me how wrinkles disgust you because if it’s not impeccable it’s not worthy
I’ll understand; you’ve never dreamt of growing old with the rest of your soul
But I won’t agree; I can’t wait to be loved like that

You can cringe all you want at the thought of the slightest misbalance to your perfect life
But you don’t understand that perfection isn’t the same as beauty
And perfect is tasteless while beauty is a storm of emotions and a story to tell

Tell me how the night is for sleep and how the day is more forgiving while you’ve never lived shamelessly enough to witness the sunrise
You’ve never seen how much more forgiving and honest the night is in its tranquility

Tell me more about how souls don’t live forever and all that they’re good for is this dreadful life
But you don’t realize that this life is magic and our fates are unrestricted souls and fairy dust

Try and explain to me how injustice is sometimes necessary
You’ll find words to fill the mindless gaps because you’ve never been on the receiving end of your sad belief

Tell me how people that give up are weak and pathetic while you’ve never dreamt up of anything to give up on
And carry on telling me how dreams don’t come true and hope is too innocent to be realistic
Explain to me how loss works while you’ve never lost anything

Tell me how art is pretention as you sip on your pinot noir in a glass that was brought to your fingers
And proceed to tell me how if the art is not worth a fortune it must be a waste of thought
But have you ever come up with a thought that was only ever yours?
Have you ever felt something that you wanted to preserve beautifully?

Tell me how open you are and proceed to show me how you value your thought over anyone else’s because you think you’re a revolutionary and continue to mock any revolution that doesn’t carry your last name

I understand your thoughts; not you

Tell me how ugly and vile this world is
Tell me more things you don’t know
Tell me more things you don’t understand
Tell me more things that you’re wrong about
Because the more you speak the more I see how beautiful this world can be with less of you and more of itself… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Mariam is a yogi by day and a writer by night.

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