Own Your Imperfection, Celebrate Your Scars

hand reaching up, scars
Alex Wong

I remember the first scar I got; it was the first scar of many, the first scar of a life awaiting liberty. And there it was; on my left shin.
It was sort of symbolic to a verdict I had to reach.

Scars are a reminder of our ability to hurt, and lose, and change, and to bear ruins of battle and still stand so straight and feel so deep—nothing short of beauty.

That tiny scar didn’t only awaken and liberate me but it taught me the most important thing I now comprehend: perfection is oversold.

It taught me that having stories written all over you is more beautiful anyway. It showed me how artistic and beautiful human bodies are and how every body is so much more than what meets the eye. It brought me to the realization that our bodies, along with our souls, are to be decorated in celebration of life and how we choose to decorate them, even if accidentally, is up to us. I find that exhilarating.

I now wear my scars proudly. I show off every landmark the world, or in some cases, have embarked on my body. I have fallen in love with every tiny detail my body holds, whether that be a scar, a tan line, a wrinkle, a tattoo, a piercing, a crooked bone, a stretch mark or even a few missing bricks in the walls I’ve built so high.

I’ve turned into my very own canvas that keeps growing more beautifully with every thought that takes me further in life.

If you’ve ever fallen in love with an abstract piece of art you’ll understand what I’m saying and like me, you’ll fall in love with the shape of your knuckles and find the beauty in the most benign of skins. And the more stories there are to tell the more beautiful the art comes to be.

So fall in love, get your heart broken, jump off that cliff that scares your dreams away, run wild, talk more and laugh louder. Don’t fear the space you occupy and don’t fear the scars. Liberate yourself of the trepidation that holds you back because you’re scared you can’t do things perfectly or live up to that perfect life you’ve always aspired to have.

Perfection is a lie, the sooner you realize that the more effortless it will be to exist. And the more you dare fear the more you will actually live.

Celebrate scars instead of fear them. Collect tiny little memories and draw them all over your heart to remind you to stay alive. To remind you that life has so much more to it on the other side of fear. Because after all, if you’re brave enough, you might just go to bed today with another story to tell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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