A Letter To My Greatest Love

Jordan Bauer

I’d like to believe that one day I’d open my eyes to a soft light peeking through the big window next to our bed. I’d rest my head back on your arm that stretches across me. I’m hugged by both you and the soft silk sheets we bought yesterday off the streets of Crete. I don’t wake till you open your beautiful eyes and look into mine. I feel calm with a thousand beautiful storms reveling inside my chest. And I stay. You smile and you pull me into your heart.

And you stay too.

It’s a beautiful place we’re in. A place where only you and I exist. Everything else is just background noise. We belong here stronger than we’ve belonged to anywhere else. Because we’ve never really belonged anywhere else.

We’ll stay in tonight just because we want to feel each other’s existence for another spare minute. We want to linger a little longer and inhale a little deeper. Get lost in the galaxies we create.

Home is a big room with barely anything other than a mattress laid on the newly installed hardwood floors and a fan in the far corner, crooked bathroom tiles and a shower that is either freezing cold or scolding hot. We won’t necessarily have enough money to buy you your dream car or me my dream house, but we won’t care as much as we thought we would.

Our dreams don’t include these things anymore. Instead we’ll dream of happiness which we’ll have plenty of. We’ll be happy just existing together.

I can’t remember a life before this. Maybe because I never cared to remember it like I need to remember this one. The one I have with you. I want to hold on to every smile, every word, every feeling. I want to remember everything for a lifetime ahead. I don’t need nor care for the world that lives outside our beautifully chaotic life.

It’s only you and me. We keep it simple like that.

As simple as kept vows. As simple as morning kisses. As simple as the paintings we paint of each other doing mundane things. As simple as two cups of tea in the balcony overlooking the shore. As simple as the smile you put on my face every time I look at you.

I’ll love our tiny flat almost as much as I’ll love you because it has pieces of you and I plastered all across it. I’ll love the rug that you carried in your backpack for me all the way from Spain and I’ll love the lousy lamp we bought off the markets of Bali. I’ll love the sink that took us all day to install ourselves the day we moved in here and I’ll love the stain on our mattress off the last time we ate spaghetti drunk in bed.

We’ll find the beauty in every detail. We’ll peacefully drown into each other’s souls more and more every day and we’ll love each other enough to allow ourselves to blossom separately and together. Every day.

All our promises will be kept and we won’t hurt, we won’t know pain. Instead we’ll befriend hope. Hope that we’ll always be this happy. This peaceful. This beautiful.

You’ll redefine everything I’ve ever defined. You’ll be my insight, and I’ll be yours. You’ll teach me all you know and I’ll teach you all I do.

We’ll talk through the nights when we’re supposed to be asleep; simply because we’d rather stay up with each other. We’ll tell each other everything; you’ll tell me how you got your scars and I’ll tell you how I got mine. We’ll talk till it feels like we’ve never not known each other.

We’ll work hard every day because we’ll earn the blissful life we’re living. Some days we’ll starve and some days we’ll thrive but we’ll be blessed every single day. And we’ll love the hard work because it’s hard but it’s not difficult.

And at the end of the day we’ll know that this is the love we spent our lives looking for, and we’ll know it because it will feel right. The same kind of right that we feel when we embraced each other.

The same kind of right you felt when you first saw me. The same kind of right I felt the day you first walked up to me and spoke beauty. The same kind of right we feel when we lay down at night to sleep knowing we’ll wake up to each other.

Together we’ll learn that love is more beautiful than we’ve seen in movies, than we’ve read in books. We’ll learn that love cannot be put into words because it surpasses the human capabilities of comprehension. But we’ll feel it.

Life will be beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

Just you, walking around in your jeans and I, in your shirt, the both of us barefoot, slow dancing to our favorite song. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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