A Thank You Letter To My Mom On Father’s Day

 iStockPhoto.com / muratart
iStockPhoto.com / muratart

Dear Mom,

To me, Father’s Day is not a day to only celebrate traditional dads. It is also a day to celebrate the dads that were there when others weren’t. In my life, that is you. Father’s Day is not for men who simply created life but for men who have nourished the life they created. Although he never did, you did. And you did it all by yourself.

Thank you for making me believe I am extraordinary. You raised me to believe I could achieve anything I wanted in life. He made me feel I wasn’t enough, but you taught me that I didn’t need anyone to make me feel I was enough – I am enough by myself. He depleted my self-worth but you let me know I was worth the sun and the moon and everything in between.

Thank you for filling the void he created. I may have that emptiness inside me that can’t be filled, but you made sure the rest of my heart was full of love. Each day that hole grows smaller with the love you have for me. My life has been full of joy because of you.

Thank you for being there when he wasn’t. Somehow between working full-time and raising two kids on your own, you were there for everything that mattered. You were there for my dance recitals, cheering me on in the stands. You were there to help me get ready for my prom. You were there to hug me through heartbreaks and to celebrate with me through triumphs. You let me know I was never alone. I may have longed for his pride in me but I didn’t need it because I always had you.

Thank you for loving me twice as much as you had to. Raising two kids on your own is no easy task. I know at times you would get frustrated with me, but I never once doubted your love for me. You radiated love and acceptance toward me that compensated for the love I never had from him. Because of you I am not jaded. Because of you I see love and hope in this world full of people leaving me.

Most of all, thank you for being my dad when the real one couldn’t do the job. It wasn’t your job to do but you did it anyway and I will always be grateful to you for that.

With love to the moon and back,

Your daughter.

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