If Love Was More Than Just A Word

Recently, I think I’ve been watching too many rom-coms, because for the past 72 hours, I’ve really been pondering the entire aspect of the word “love.” Seemingly, today’s society describes it as a strong emotion that can be fully explained in a three-worded sentence. And when a person feels ready to confess said emotion, they, for lack of better words, push aside their pride in order to form the simple sentence for the very first time – “I love you.”

We’re brainwashed into believing that those words carry a lot of weight; not just for the person who musters up the courage to spit them out, but also for the receiver; the one who absorbs the words and chooses whether or not to return the heavy-loaded baggage. I can never make up my mind as to who could have brainwashed us into such foolish ideologies. Maybe a person whose expressed their love, but it was never reciprocated? Or perhaps someone who’s lost love?

I, on the other hand, do not consider the emotion nor the expression of the emotion to be such a burden. I find it as easy to say as “pie” or “hello.” Shouldn’t everyone? Now, don’t interpret my analogy as anything other than exactly what is written, but why is it so incredibly easy to fall head over heels in love with a puppy or a kitten and, on a daily basis, coo the words, “I love you,” to a specimen that may or may not understand such expressions, whereas, we’re so very hesitant to do the same to another human being?

Before you even began to think of reasons why, just allow me say that there’s no such thing as rushing into it, and read on for my explanation.

How can you rush into a feeling? How can you control the releasing of hormones after your body has experienced a catalyst reaction? How can you express your emotions too soon? The moment you feel it, shouldn’t you vocalize it? I’ve never been given a valid opposing answer, because it’s quite as simple as this: Your body innately responds to stimuli. For example, I’m sure all of us, at one point in our lives, have stumped the hell out of our pinky toe.

The most common reaction is to yelp and cry bloody murder until the pain wears off. We don’t really take into consideration who hears us in that particular moment, because the pain we feel is overwhelming and needs to be expressed. I know that, for a fact, when I love someone, I don’t really take into consideration the opinions of others – even the person who my love is for. It’s overwhelming and it needs to be expressed, therefore I yelp and cry bloody murder for the sake of my love.

There are four different forms of love, which completely entrances me.

The first that is less prominent but is desired and most needed is Agape. This is the love for humankind. The type of love that’s currently absent in Syria and amongst those who believe themselves to be superior.

The second is Phileo. It, by far, is my favorite form of love because it has the possibility to liven up Agape love. Think about your best friend. The love you feel for that person is a chosen and committal love, which is a fine representation of Phileo.

The third form of love is Storge. This is the love that parents feel for their children. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of feeling this love, but I believe that it should be an aspect of life that people strive for.

Last but not least, there is Eros, the passionate, emotional, and sexual form of love. Usually the love most commonly talked about. The love you feel for your significant other or spouse. This love has the ability to transform into any of the other three forms of love, or, most desirably, it can co-inhibit with another love, such as Phileo.

If love was more than just a word, it and everything composed of it, would be lovely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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