It Was Too Late / Epicurean / Epicurean

Sitting at the edge of my rooftop

It all comes down to this

To where I have decided to kiss

The seemingly restless stars that look at me in disgust

Like the silver star necklace resting on my collarbone, I’m the rust.

So I looked down – twelve feet from the ground,

And saw my reflection so pitiful –

I looked around –

No one was here.

So I rushed,

I jumped

To comfortably hug my apparition and

Hug freely the ground

Because no one would.

I effortfully fought the very powerful forces:

The wind,

My mind,

The heat,

The gravity,

The physics on this earth I will never again

Will ever be a part of.

I turned around,

And saw the stars

Smile at me enormously,

Like we just both knew a secret –

I had changed my mind but

It was too late.

The stars won,

I turned around

And never saw

Myself again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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