Your Promised Forever Then You Left

Allef Vinicius

I know things are bound to change over time;
That seasons come and go,
That the tree I planted in the backyard when we first moved in will die,
that my little sister will not always be so little, but that doesn’t make it any easier.
I know that people will come and go out of your life as you get older,
but continuously my stupid hopeful heart gets all caught up making meaningful relationships with otherwise meaningless people.
How terrible the world can be to a guarded girl who believes everyone deserves a second chance.
But as much loss as I’ve experienced could never prepare me for this.
This wasn’t supposed to change;
Wasn’t supposed to happen.
You said forever, you made a promise, & you didn’t keep it.
Left us with no explanation,
and a thousand plus memories that used to bring joy now result in tears.
It feels like the safety net I’ve had since birth was suddenly ripped out from underneath.
It seems that these meaningful moments I’ve held onto now only have meaning to me.
You’ve tainted all of them.
I know this wasn’t on purpose and you never knew the chain of events that would follow,
But the rock you kicked shattered my windshield and sometimes I can’t see past the cracks.
I’m angry and confused with no answers in site.
The place and arms I used to run to when everything went wrong are now what I’m running from.
Oh how things change…
Shaken not stirred. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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