Life Will Challenge You But You Will Get Stronger

Brooke Cagle

They say that sometimes change is necessary,
And sometimes you will not like it;
Will not expect it.
Sometimes life will totally blindside you.
Everything is fine; everything is okay, then BAM;
Everything is shattered.
Instinctively you fall to the ground with it all;
Become part of the rubble.
You try and pick up all the broken pieces,
Place them back together in the same sequence you knew before;
Painstakingly, until you realize, you are part of a different puzzle now.
The pieces on the ground won’t fit together as nicely as you remembered;
No matter how hard you try.
Part of you will want to keep trying,
Keep holding on to what worked before.
But another part will know better.
You are not part of the rubble.
The wind may have shattered everything you knew,
But stand up,
See for yourself,
You are still whole,
You are still alive,
And that is all that matters.
Go ahead, pick up whatever you can carry, but don’t strain yourself.
Pick up the pieces you still want,
And walk away.
You’re a survivor.
And you’ll keep surviving, just as long as you keep living.
And you’ll be blindsided again and again.
But don’t worry.
You’ll get stronger with every blow and one day you won’t fall.
This is life and you’ve got to keep going. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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