The Best Things Come Unexpectedly

The Best Things Come Unexpectedly
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Serendipity (noun): finding something good without looking for it

The exact word that describes our story.

Before we even met, I was so caught up with the idea that I “needed” a boyfriend just because everyone had one or because my friends had one. So I began searching for one because I refused to be left out. I was busy looking around for a guy that fit my standards or met my expectations, but despite knowing the fact that finding the person who fits all that is quite impossible, I still continued to hope that he was somewhere out there.

Then out of nowhere, you messaged me one day. I thought you would just be one of those people that would just pass by, but I still gave it a shot. So we talked on a daily basis. We asked each other questions, got to know each other a little bit more. After a few days of us talking, I was still looking for “that guy.” But what I failed to realize sooner was that throughout this whole thing, it was you all along.

You were that one person I was looking for; not just someone who would just fill the void, but actually staying in it and making that void worth something. You gave me the greatest thing anyone can give to a person: acceptance.

You accepted me for who I am. Most people would just leave if they saw a little flaw in me, but you didn’t. You stayed and took time to actually get to know me, and for that I am very grateful.

We’re not lovers, but we’re best friends, from beginning until the end. We will always understand one another and at some point, we knew that we belong to one another.

So thank you.

Thank you for making me realize that there will be times we search for the wrong things.

That the actual thing we’re looking for is just right in front of us.

That the best things come unexpectedly.

“You’re my serendipity.

I wasn’t looking for you.

I wasn’t expecting you.

But I’m very lucky I met you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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