When You’re The Person Who Cares More


In every relationship or friendship, I feel like I am always the person who cares more; I can’t help it. When I connect with someone, I start to care about them. And when I care about someone, I care deeply and passionately. So, I’m always the person who cares more, and it sucks.

It sucks because I always get let down. Because even if the other person cares a lot too, I will always feel like I don’t matter as much to them as they do to me. And when the other person doesn’t care at all or just cares less, then I will be let down and left broken as they walk away.

And in our society, being the person who cares less means you win. It’s cool to seem disinterested and hide your true feelings, because God forbid you actually tell someone how you feel! And because I can’t hide my true feelings and act like I don’t care when I do, I will always lose.

So that’s why being the person who cares more sucks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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