263 Days Of Postgrad

It has been 263 days since graduation and my life has been in turmoil but in a really good way.  This is what I’ve learned so far.
Take Me Home Tonight
Take Me Home Tonight

1. I Like My Job Because It’s A Job. 

I got a job a week before I graduated college. It’s not my dream job, but it’s a job. I wake up at 7:00am, spend an hour in traffic and approximately 8 hours in a cubicle and repeat. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I am still applying to jobs about 3x a day till I find that dream job that I can brag about on Linkedin.

2. How Many Hours Are In A Day.

Working a 9-5pm is exhausting and you end up realizing how many hours of freedom you actually have per day. Okay, so there’s only a maximum of  4 hours in a day from Monday to Friday I have for myself – sounds like I am in prison. That is exactly enough time for me to eat dinner, go to the gym, watch Vampire Diaries, and attempt to catch up with my friends, make sure they are still alive, and they’re still my friends.

3. I’m Not Old Enough. 

Being in my 20s in an office full of 30 year olds lead to a whole lot of confusion. I often find myself in conversations like  “Remember Scott Baio in Charles in Charge, he was sooo cute.”

Like no I don’t know him and what is he in charge of?

4. Happy Hour Is The Best Hour. 

The only thing I really look forward to during a work day is that 2 for 1 mixed drink with half off appetizer at the corner pub. After all, we’re in a recession and you should take advantage of these alcoholic deals as much as you can. But be careful, you are no longer that kid in college that can chug a gallon of jungle juice and still be a fully functioning human being.

Everything is consumed in moderation now. 

5. Blackout Birthdays Is Not A Requirement. 

I realize that birthdays can’t always be like a scene from a 50 cent video. Not every birthday must end up with with half of your friends blacked out or puking in the bathroom.  Birthdays can now involve a quiet dinner with friends and family with the night ending at home, alone and it’s totally okay. 

6. Travel Is A Must. 

I once contemplated (and I am sure it will come up again) about moving to Brazil or Spain or Ireland because anywhere sounds so much better than being here. But as a recent graduate with debts, moving to another country with no sense of direction is actually a really bad idea right now. However, the need to continue to experience life between having a job and finding a job is a priority. The ability to take short affordable trips whether it’s in Boston, Chicago or across the Atlantic is like a version of your “Chicken Soup for the Soul” you used to read in high school.

These trips are not made for you to completely find yourself, don’t look for a life changing event when you’re there. Just look for something different.

7. I Have No Business Dating Anyone.  

After college, I decided to be open to the idea of “adult dating” and not be such a bitch all the time. So far my  dinners have been paid for by a 29  year old music engineer who lives in Park Slope and had the cutest dog ever, a med student from Yale University and a guy who is a graphic designer for Nike and does charity soccer games during the weekends. Although they might sound dreamy and I’m sure they are upstanding guys, I realized I am not where they are. I haven’t accomplished anything as a real person yet. I would just end up feeling discontented with what I have just by being with them and why would I want that.

8. It’s Okay To Stay In On The Weekends.  

My Friday and Saturday nights went from gallivanting my drunk ass around Meatpacking District while tricking guys into buying me drinks (that sounds really bad) to just laying in my bed and watching Zac Efron movies or whoever is the latest hunk featured on E! that week. I am not a complete grandma but getting dressed up and having to actually look like a real person every freaking weekend is just too tiring.

9. I Appreciate Free Everything. 

Moving back home with your parents mean…well moving back home with your parents. You’re constantly going to be questioned on what you want to do with your life, why are you not married, where are you going , who are you going with, who’s black nissan is that park in our driveway?

But you learn to appreciate free living expenses and your time with your parents because they are not getting any younger and chances are when you move out, it’s as permanent as that ass tattoo you got in college.

This post grad life might suck 80% of the time, but make sure you appreciate every bit of it. Learning to suck it up and move forward is the key. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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