5 Unconventional Things I Learned From Serving People Coffee

Life as a whole is unconventional. Each day provides the gift of surprise; sometimes positive and other times negative. These surprises are always full of wisdom if we look hard enough and take the time to listen. Interacting with people at a coffee shop gives a front row seat to watch a show called “the Human Condition.”

1. In seeing both the best and worst in people, and in serving others has helped me to be kind at all times.

2. A simple smile when I am on either side of the counter has made others feel positive when they are having they type of bad day we can all relate to.

3. Through unconventional means, I have learned to appreciate those that perform every job at every level for every reason imaginable.

4. People are willing to justify their addiction at all costs. A caffeine addiction is no different than, and in fact is more physically engaging than some of the strongest opiates found globally. Some can wait patiently in line for their fix while others become extremely irritated as they anxiously anticipate their high. And then, there are those who are so hooked, they come back no less than five times per day.

5. Finally, my final wisdom learned is that our society’s drive to engage content and deliver goods and services as quickly as possible has impacted our population’s attention span. Patience is no longer a virtue and this has created a divide between those who serve and those who receive. This begs the question “would you rather do it right or do it fast?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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