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I Think I’m Finally Ready To Let You Go

a woman and a man biking together while holding hands

Maybe that’s how you know you’ve fallen out of love: I spent so many years underlining your sentences and dog-earing your pages, but in the end I didn’t feel the need to reread your passages or explore your hidden meanings. I just wanted to move on to something better.

I’m So Sick And Tired Of This Love Triangle

woman stands in the ocean sadly

Being in love with someone who is in love with two people is like plucking flower petals off of daisies. “He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not.” One moment so sure, the next my confidence wavering. Do you love me? Did you ever? 

I’m The Girl Everyone Leaves

I’m the girl everyone leaves. The one they promise the world to before they disappear. The one they say they love, they swear, their words like honey laced with poison. I’m the girl who always ends up alone.

Every Fall, I Think Of You

Couple kisses in the autumn air

I’ve never been able to figure out when our story ends — maybe it never will. Maybe we’re destined to be a series of chance meetings, just vignettes decorated with apple orchards and jack-o’-lanterns and crisp air that tastes like pure nostalgia.

Sorry, You Don’t Get A Second Chance

Boy and girl sitting by the water

Maybe the truth is that I want to give you that second chance — a small part of me longs to — but I can’t be that person anymore. Because people don’t change even when they promise to, and I can’t keep holding onto hope when all signs point to the cold, hard truth: you already hurt me once, and pretending that you won’t do it again is just me fooling myself.

Our Love Is Bigger Than The Movies

Jack and Rose in the Titanic

It is something that can’t be captured on camera, one that can not be stuffed into a two-hour reel of film. We may not be vibrant hues or swoon-worthy confessions, but we are real, and we are messy, and we are something more than Hollywood can handle.

Don’t Blame The Girl He Chose Over You

If you’re going to blame someone, blame him. Blame the boy for leaving, for hurting you, for choosing someone else in the end. Blame him for getting you caught up in a game, for leading you on, for playing with your heart and then leaving it behind when he got bored.

Be With The Person Who Loves You At Your Darkest

Be with someone who accepts every version of yourself — from sunny days to hurricane, the good and the bad. Who doesn’t see you as any less when you feel like you are, who still holds you on a pedestal when you feel small. Who doesn’t see your bad days as problems but just little bumps along the road that you can maneuver together — who stands beside you and never lets go.

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