This Man Tweeted About The Time He Accidentally Stumbled Into A Serial Killer’s Secret Lair

This Man Tweeted About The Time He Accidentally Stumbled Into A Serial Killer’s Secret Lair

Everyone’s been in a creepy situation at least once in their life, but how many of us can say that we’ve quite literally stumbled into a serial killer’s secret lair? I, for one, can’t, but Shane Morris (@IamShaneMorris) allegedly can. He shared his story via Twitter on Thursday, and whew boy… it’s one hell of a ride.

Buckle up, kiddos.

Shane began by setting the scene for us: it all went down in Vidalia, Georgia, on the land of his rich, old money neighbors.

Like most kids their age, Shane and his stepbrother decided to do a little exploring on their neighbor’s land. (And on a property that big, who wouldn’t? Think of all the hidden treasures!)

Except sometimes when you’re searching around for hidden treasures, you end up finding things that are much eerier than you ever would have expected…

But being a kid, Shane and his stepbrother had little fear and decided to explore the barn anyway.

And so, naturally, when Shane’s stepbrother notices something on the other side of the barn…

… Shane needed to try it out.

And because Shane and his stepbrother couldn’t keep well enough alone, when they found a strange little door that’s stuck, they knew they had to open it.

Look, I’m a pretty paranoid person. My anxiety goes through the roof the second I hear my house creak in the middle of the night. If I had to stand in the middle of a pitch black, rotting barn, just waiting for my eyes to adjust, I would probably just die on the spot. Luckily, Shane’s stepbro came up with a better plan.

Except once the light came in… it was probably worse.

Um, yeah, NO THANKS.


And while a 25 foot drop may be pretty dangerous (especially for kids), jumping out was probably the most reasonable thing these two kids did the whole damn day. Luckily, while they were noping tf out, they ran into a familiar face.

Only it just gets weirder.

Luckily, Shane’s uncle does the adult thing (AKA the right thing): he calls the police.

It turns out, the barn wasn’t just a creepy hideaway for someone with morbid tastes, but was legitimately the lair of a serial killer.

Shane later clarified that while he wasn’t necessarily the reason the Santa Claus Killer got caught, it was still a wild coincidence that they managed to stumble across the momento room in the barn on the same day he was caught.

I mean, considering he was going off of his memories from when he was 11 years old, that’s still a pretty insane story. The story of the Santa Claus Killer is already pretty creepy to begin with, but this twitter thread just adds an extra layer of unease to it.

So I guess the moral of the story is: Don’t explore creepy, abandoned barns unless you’re completely prepared for what you’ll find. Or maybe, just maybe, do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark