25 Super Cheap Activities You Can Do All By Yourself

Some ideas found on Ask Reddit

1. Join an adult sports recreational team.

2. Volunteer at an animal rescue shelter.

3. Learn a musical instrument.

4. Go to a museum (look online to see which are free or if there are any reduced price days to visit)

5. Take up a physical activity, like rock climbing, swimming, or hiking.

6. Look online for game nights in your area (like trivia night, board game night, etc.)

7. Learn a new language (or brush up on an old one)

8. Take up Geocaching

9. Start going to the library more regularly (and take advantage of all their resources, like movies and video games)

10. Explore nearby towns/suburbs and see if you can find a cool new place you’ve never been to before (like a cafe or gallery)

11. If you live in a town with a subway or metro, ride it around the city to check out the graffiti and people watch

12. Play WheresGeorge and have fun watching your money travel through the states (as well as check out the social components)

13. Take up writing, whether that means journaling or creating a new project

14. Look into a monthly movie theater deals (such as this AMC one) that will allow you to watch new movies at a discounted rate

15. Watch YouTube tutorials to learn a new skill

16. Sign up for online classes and spend a certain amount of time per day learning something new

17. Put paper on your wall, get some bargain bin paints from Walmart, and go crazy

18. Take up yoga

19. Take up gardening and watch your hard work flourish

20. Get in touch with your inner child and try getting back into some of your childhood hobbies, collecting Pokemon cards or coloring for no reason

21. Spend time learning how to cook new dishes or experimenting with tweaking old ones

22. Check out the cultural/community events in your city

23. Look for online communities or threads full of people who are interested in the same things you are (i.e. TV shows you like, video games you play, sports teams you follow, etc.)

24. Look for free/cheap concerts and stand up comedy shows nearby

25. Volunteer for organizations you’re passionate about and meet like-minded people (as well as build your resume) Thought Catalog Logo Mark