15 Creative Ways To Meet New People If You’re Having Trouble Making Friends As An Adult

15 Creative Ways To Meet New People If You’re Having Trouble Making Friends As An Adult

Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. “Hobbies. Specifically, ones that get you out of the house. It gives you an easy thing to talk about before things get personal. Most people love talking about their hobbies with other people that also do them.”

2. “As someone who has trouble meeting new people and developing relationships, I have found that complimenting people can go a long way. Society can be very harsh and we as people tend to allow our emotions and insecurities drive us. If you see someone wearing a shirt for a band or movie that you really enjoy, it will be no problem doing the hardest part, which is beginning and continuing conversation. From there you can go into other topics about some local places you enjoy and before you know it you’ll have a new friend to go to events and bars with.”

3. “Find an activity that you enjoy and join a group. Hiking club, volunteer organizations, something that positive and stable people would be involved in.”

4.Adult sports league. I met my wife at adult kickball, everyone would hit the bar afterwards and ice was already broken. Super easy to talk to anyone and be yourselves.”

5.If you have a dog, take him to a social group for dogs. That way you can make friends with other doggy people and your dog makes friends too.”

6.Volunteer for something you believe in. Guaranteed people with similar values around, automatic conversation starter, and worst case scenario, you make the world a little bit better.”

7. “Climbing gyms. It’s a lot more easy going and laid back than a regular gym environment and in many situations you need a partner for belaying or spotting for outdoor bouldering.”

8. “This is gonna sound dumb as hell, but Reddit. Go on your cities subreddit (or nearest major city) and post what you’re into and a bit about yourself.”

9. “Hang out somewhere that you have an interest. A bookstore, a game cafe, whatever.”

10.Meetup.com or something like that. You can find your hobby there and there’s a probably a club near you that you can join.”

11.Bumble BFFs is great – it’s an easy legitimate way to meet platonic cool friends.”

12. “Faith-based communities (ie; church, mosque, synagogue, etc.) can be a good starting point if you are religious.”

13. “Political/activist groups; this is good for putting you in touch with like minded people and getting involved in issues you care about.”

14.Look through your local community college class catalogs and look for the non credit weekend classes they give on a wide variety of things. It’s a good way to get out and be around people. I never took one that you had to do any type of serious group work and you can ask the instructor in advance. Hell, you may even enjoy taking a class for credit for career advancement and meet other adults doing the same.”

15. “Find a local craft beer bar or something similar that you enjoy spending time at, bring your tablet or laptop to keep you occupied and go there regularly. Over time you’ll start to notice other regulars that are doing the same thing or may already have a group of friends that they see there. It may seem like they know each other from outside but I can guarantee you some of those people met there.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark