20 Useful Street-Smart Tips That’ll Keep You Safe And Sound

Unsplash / Matteo Modica

1. If you don’t feel like you should be somewhere, believe yourself  — leave.

2. Teach your kids an effective way to draw attention to themselves that doesn’t just involve screaming (because most people will just assume it’s a temper tantrum).

3. Always be aware of your surroundings — especially what’s behind you, even when you’re driving.

4. If you’re in trouble in a foreign country, YOU decide who should help you — don’t just let someone random approach you and offer to lead you to your destination. (Going into a store and asking someone who works there is always a safe bet!)

5. If you’re meeting up with someone from an exchange app (like Craigslist), ALWAYS meet up somewhere public, preferably a place with cameras.

6. “If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready.”

7. Listen to your gut — it usually only kicks in during extreme instances of fight or flight.

8. Don’t walk while staring down at your phone.

9. Personal feelings aren’t as important as your own safety.

10. Walk confidently, not cocky.

11. Know how to avoid sharing personal information, especially with those you don’t know well.

12. Don’t ask too many questions, but know which ones to ask.

13. If someone attacks you, always go for somewhere unexpected, like the ear or the throat.

14. The answer on the street is always “no.”

15. If someone is invading your space in an aggressive matter, do what you can to create as much distance between you and them (instead of just trying to appear non-threatening).

16. Don’t wear headphones while walking.

17. Don’t take shortcuts through dark places at night.

18. “The best way to win a fight is to run away.”

19. Always be nice and respectful, but only trust the ones who earn it.

20. If someone threatening approaches you, very calmly and confidently say something that makes sense, implies a history, and is completely nonsensical — as their brain tries to process the information, they may lose adrenaline. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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