20 Professional Ways To Kindly Tell Your Coworkers To Go Fuck Themselves

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Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. Responding to someone’s email with their direct manager in the CC field.

2. “Let’s circle back later.” (The nicer way to say, “Fuck off.”)

3. Declining a meeting request without replying.

4. “Well, you’ve provided us all with a great opportunity for education on this matter.” (AKA “You fucked up.”)

5. “That’s an interesting perspective.”

6. “As per my previous email…”

7. “As I have specified previously…”

8. “Let me know how that works out.”

9. “Thank you for your input.”

10. “Let’s take this offline.” (AKA “You’re wasting everyone’s time.”)

11. Waiting until three minutes before a meeting to officially decline it.

12. A tepid “Regards.”

13. “I’ll take that into consideration.”

14. “Please remove me from any future communications.”

15. “Duly noted.”

16. “Thank you for your concern in the matter, but I can assure you it isn’t necessary.”

17. “Allow me to reference the SOP…”

18. “I hope your day is as pleasant as you are!” (Specifically for unpleasant people.)

19. “Thanks.” Period.

20. Leaving out the “best wishes” in your sign-off. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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