20 Kim Jong Un Memes That Definitely Hit Their Target

All you need are memes and Kim Jong Puns.

North Korea has made plenty of headlines in the past few years, especially due to the country’s leader, the dictator Kim Jong Un. Whether he’s threatening WWIII over a tweet or making plans to set off a nuclear attack, he will perhaps be best known for what he’s done best: becoming one giant, hilarious meme.

If you like Kim Jong Un memes, look no further. We got everything you need and more.

1. I have just one tiny, simple request…

Imgur / SubrataBanik

2. Just a quick soak!

Imgur / Carbon131

3. How about a Kim Jong Pun?

Reddit / Kurtle_The_Turtle

4. He’s the dictator of fresh fades

Reddit / deleted

5. He’s also an expert hacker

Reddit / CapnFancyPants

6. So innovative

Reddit / IeuanG

7. TIL weed is legal in North Korea

Reddit / TheLastGunfighter

8. A classic North Korean selfie

Imgur / theonlynik

9. Buuuuuurn

Reddit / markyymark13

10. Maybe North Korea isn’t as far behind as some people think…

Imgur / WellWhyTheHeckNot

11. Y’all better watch out

Imgur / ibuiltamurderbot

12. Kim Jong Un is about as productive as I am

Reddit / smokeymctokerson

13. How to learn French, Kim Jong Un-style

Reddit / bobsteaman

14. If Kim Jong Un had Twitter…

Reddit / deleted

15. How to leverage your popularity to get social media likes

Imgur / albnorherp

16. Mind blown

Imgur / albnorherp

17. No need to Kim Jong Run

Imgur / albnorherp

18. Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, and all shootin some nukes outside of the school

Imgur / albnorherp

19. You gotta admit… the resemblance is uncanny

Imgur / Gnarw0lves

20. It was all just one big misunderstanding

Imgur / endyt

What’s your favorite Kim Jong Un meme? Share them in the comments!

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