15 Birthday Memes That Make Getting Older Funnier

Another year older, another year wiser, another year of hilarious birthday memes.

There’s a certain pressure to think up the perfect birthday message for your friends and family, especially when social media broadcasts it to the rest of the world, but at least we have the Internet to help shoulder the burden. After all, who needs a heartfelt letter when you’ve got hilarious birthday memes? Celebrate the right way with these perfect memes for everyone in your life.

1. I hope you get both

Imgur / rustyroof25

2. The perfect cake for all your 25-year-old friends

Tumblr / krabby-kronicle

3. My presence is your present

Tumblr / dankestmemestealer

4. The best kind of day

Imgur / gamerman99

5. The perfectly awkward birthday cake

Reddit / Doogans

6. From Ron Burgundy, with love

Imgur / memesarena

7. This is not the surprise party I wanted…

Imgur / memesarena

8. For your artist friend

Imgur / memesarena

9. Stay humble

Imgur / memesarena

10. The perfect IKEA birthday

Imgur / FahadUrRehmanKhan

11. The birthday memes are coming!

Imgur / gamerman99

12. Watch out

Imgur / gamerman99

13. ‘Cause it’s your birthday

Imgur / gamerman99

14. For your favorite coworker

Imgur / gamerman99

15. Have a ~magical~ day

Imgur / gamerman99

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