30 Work Memes To Get You Through The Work Day

You might not want to wake up in the morning, but at least these work memes will help you make it through the day.

Have a hard time getting up in the morning? Are you already over the work day when it’s only 5 minutes in? You might need these memes to help revitalize you for the day. Take a few minutes out of your day to scroll through these hilarious work memes — just make sure your boss doesn’t see.

1. Boy, bye

2. Just give me the moola

3. Just do it!!!

4. Work, work, work

5. Cryingggg

6. This should honestly be considered a full-time job

Facts though 😂😭 #WSHH

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7. Gimme that Big P

8. No lies here

9. Really, it’s so easy!

10. I also enjoy paying rent in my free time

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11. Should’ve stayed in bed

But here I am so be grateful @bigkidproblems

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12. I’m out

13. I’m a lil burnt out

14. This doesn’t seem fair…

15. Haha joke’s on you, I’m getting paid for this

16. Still iconic

17. We back, bitchesss

18. Only seven hours, 55 minutes, and 35 seconds till the work day is over!!!

19. Questionable but genius

When work calls hahah fs #asajoke #workmemes #dealerlife #casinolife

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21. My parents did NOT prepare me for this

22. We all know who’s superior here

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23. Don’t mind me, just scrolling through some spreadsheets

24. Why did I do this to myself

25. Huh? Huh?!

26. Whatever let’s me sit around all day

27. When can I take a break???

28. Shut UP, Karen!!!

You 'gon die…. #workhappy #workhumor #workmemes #work #laughatwork #workfun

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29. Sorry, this is a holy day

30. I swear I have a rich inner life

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