20 Petty Memes You Never Knew Your Extra Ass Needed

The pettiest memes for the pettiest people.

Let’s be honest here: everyone gets a little petty every now and then. Why stress out about it when you could just laugh about it? These petty memes are a lot more relatable than I want to admit, but at least they’re funny!

1. Oops :)

2. Give me the aux cord

3. This 5-year-old is too savage

4. The dark side always wins

5. Can’t get rid of me that easily

6. Get well soon!

7. Meghan Markle can’t be real

8. Checkmate


9. Bye Margaret :)

10. Don’t @ me bro

11. I’m DEFINITELY gonna win this one

12. Ok grandma

13. Single and too petty to mingle


14. Spill the tea, sis


15. I didn’t grow up for this bs


16. And just a lil bit of Chemical X


17. Just call me sous-chef

18. Just making sure I have the time

Petty Memes Dump

19. Bout to drop a novel

20. Just call me Wendy

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