20 Flirty Memes To Tag Your Crush In When You Want To Shoot Your Shot

You know what pairs great with a 3 a.m. booty call text? A hilariously flirty meme to show you aren’t messing around.

You know you’ve reached the next level in a relationship when you start tagging each other in memes (and actually responding to them). Show your crush or SO just how much you’re into them by sending them these flirty memes β€” that is, if you’re brave enough to shoot your shot.

1. If you know what I mean ;)

2. How romantic!


4. Naughty, naughty, naughty

5. Could work…

6. It is me, your neighborhood THOT

7. Hey QT ;)

8. We got chemistry

9. I mean every word

10. Oops I did it again

11. Please

12. Oh my god are we in love???

13. Close call

14. Aye girl, lemme just grab mommy’s credit card ;)

15. Shoot your shot so I don’t have to

16. Tempting…

17. Lemme at it

18. Haven’t been in these for a while…

19. Ya get me ;)

20. HMU

TC mark

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