Inside ‘Monster Girl Island,’ The New Virtual Reality Game That’s All About Sex

This article contains NSFW themes and content
A clip of Shark Girl in Monster Girl Island demo
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Sex isn’t something new to video games. Even in the earlier versions of the The Sims, your characters could get down and dirty Rated T-style (and quite possibly bear children as a result — safe sex is the best sex, children). Grand Theft Auto took it up a notch when it started allowing controversial first-person sex scenes in it’s later versions of the game. And now there’s a whole market for adult video games — and some that are about little but sex. That’s where Monster Girl Island comes in.

Monster Girl Island is marketed as “a 3D ‘game’ with monster girls, lewd and barely any gameplay.” And trust me, that’s exactly what’s being delivered. In the game, which has yet to be fully released, players will play as a male who’s on an island inhabited by “Monster Girls,” animated women who are generally monster-like mashups of humans and other animalistic creatures like spiders, sharks, and even dragons. As far as the public knows, the objective is to help Ara, one of the Monster Girls, and her Monster Girl friends solve the disappearance of the residences of the elf village, but let’s just say that seems like a pretty big side plot compared to all the — excuse my French — fucking.

Youtube / Lewd Lamia

But the game’s focus on sex isn’t what makes it particularly astounding. It’s that the game works with Windows VR, making it one of the first virtual reality sex games to make its way to your computer. And did I mention they’re first person point-of-view sex scenes? Basically, it’ll seem like you’re actually having sex with the Monster Girls. If that’s not revolutionary, I’m not sure what is.

So how did this game come to be? The genius behind the project is Patreon user Redamz, who began developing the game in 2015. Since the project began, Redamz has accumulated $37,142 a month on Patreon to continue creating the game, ultimately earning him $445,704 per year (and counting). It’s not unreasonable to think that even outside of the money he’s using to develop the game, he’s making quite a bit of bank for himself in the process.

Youtube / Lewd Lamia

But while Monster Girls Island’s early popularity probably hinges on sex — let’s face it, there’s plenty of people who would pay to make this hentai-like VR game a reality — it probably helps that Redamz manages to create an intimate (no pun intended) community of fans through Tumblr blogs and Twitter, where he showcases new developments in the game as well as tests out his ideas. He even allows donors on his Patreon influence the development of the game by participating in online discussions and voting on certain characters and plot lines. Fans may quite literally see their (sex) dreams come true in the game.

So when can we expect Monster Girl Island to become a reality? So far, there’s no known release date, but there are already demos of the game on Redamz Patreon page. You’ll get a taste of the early versions of the game and see what all the hype is about. Or, you know, you can just see what people are posting on youtube. What can we say — it may not be up your alley, but it might just be something worth checking out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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