Here’s Everything You Didn’t Know About Ashe Maree, The Cam Girl Who’s Just As Dorky As You Are

Ashe Marie and screenshots of photos on her Twitter
Twitter / @AsheMareexoxo

Ashe Maree is an 22-year-old adult entertainer best known for her work as a cam girl. But unlike a lot sex workers, she’s not afraid to seem relatable — and honestly, she’s more like the rest of us than some people might like to admit.

1. When she was just 18 years old, she began posting adult photos of herself on her Tumblr

That’s right, even before she was famous, she knew what she wanted to do. It’s eventually what hurdled her into cam girl fame.

2. She was actually a YouTuber for a while, though she only produced three videos

Two of the three are makeup tutorials, and the last is a Q&A.

3. Her boyfriend helped her build her brand and even helps with her videos

So you could definitely say he’s supportive of her career.

4. She’s in love with cats

No, seriously, her Instagram is full of them. Not to mention her handle is literally @kittenisodd.

5. She’s not afraid to admit she’s a little nerdy

She dresses like elves and even takes videos of herself playing video games. How relatable is that?

6. Buzzfeed once did a video feature on her called “Being A Nude Cam Model”

Honestly, it gives a lot of insight into the business.

7. She films all her videos in the safety of her own home, in her own special “cam-room”

She’s called it an “intimate experience.”

8. She’s social media famous

She has 427k Instagram followers and 174k Twitter followers. Not that we’re surprised.

9. And she’s not afraid to use her platforms to talk about body positivity, bullying, and problems in the sex industry

10. She’s unapologetic and isn’t afraid of what people have to say about who she is — or what she does

Honestly, maybe we should all be a little more like Ashe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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