15 Things To Know About Ashley Alban, The Coolest Cam Girl On The Internet

Cam Girl Ashley Alban in a YouTube video
YouTube / Ashley Alban

1. She got into the porn industry when she and her ex-husband were struggling financially

Her ex-husband was actually the one who filled out the application for her to become a webcam model, and eventually he persuaded her to quit her full time job to pursue it.

2. She’s not afraid to call you out for your sexist comments (or your fake feminism)

But hey, she’s still open to your commentary.

3. She’s the vegan of your dreams

I’m getting some real Hardee’s vibes from this.

4. She wants to know what you think about all your favorite Netflix shows

She doesn’t want to just talk about sex with her fans — but, you know, she’s totally cool with that, too.

5. She embraces the “weird side” of her job

It probably helps that she works for herself.

6. She tattooed herself when she was a sophomore in college

Youtube / Ashley Alban

Have you ever noticed the heart tattoo on her ankle? Yep, that’s all her.

7. She’s an independent porn producer

Not only is she able to work from home, but she would also rather avoid the pitfalls of working in mainstream porn, like disrespect or assault.

8. She’s open about her past with abuse

She talks about her abusive relationship with her ex-husband in some of her YouTube videos, and even tries to warn people of the signs in case they’re in the same position she was in.

9. She likes to laugh at your porn comments

Seriously, she made a whole video about it.

10. She has fun with her job

Sure, she may have started in the porn industry under bad circumstances, but she found a way to turn it into something she loves.

11. She’s a huge advocate for safe sex

And yes, that means USING CONDOMS!!!!

12. She’s not afraid to get philosophical af with her fans

Can we reclaim words like “slut”, “whore”, or “bitch”? Who knows, but she’s ready to start the conversation.

13. She’s a world traveler

From Alaska to Korea to Vegas, she loves seeing the world. She makes YouTube vlogs about all the places she goes if you’re interested in keeping up.

14. She’s even gotten to meet some celebs through her job

Yeah, that’s Post Malone. You’re welcome.

15. She’s actually a huge dork

But hey, we can’t help but love her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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