15 Men Anonymously Reveal Their Weirdest Vagina Story

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One night stand – her vagina looked normal from the outside, but her pelvic bone had some kind of odd rounding so when I stuck my dick in doggy style, no issue, when she rode me reverse cow girl, it like hooked onto my dick and straight up hurt.

— dust_wind


I knew a girl who’s vagina was slanted 15 degrees to the left. My buddy ended up dating her in the end

— Yetiman14


On our second date I went down on her, all was well. When I was done I noticed some nasty boils all around… great I am going down on someone with herpes? Nope, turns out she had a nasty seafood allergy! We’re actually married now and have a good laugh about this.

Edit: We started the night with the fried tofu. She had the Pad Thai, I had the Cat Fish cooked in the clay pot. What can I say, it was true love.

— ooo-ooo-oooyea


I was with a girl in college whose business tasted alarmingly like Cheez-Its. It wasn’t actually all that bad.

— GardensOfBoydstylon


A year or so ago I met this girl off Tinder and we hit it off straight away. Like, went from exchanging pleasantries to smut chat in less than 5 minutes. She lived nearby and wanted a FWB so I obliged. I drove over to her house and she was…a little bigger than her photos indicated but I didn’t mind. She was cute and horny. Anyway, we get down to business and I started fingering her. She was super aroused. I inserted one finger, then two, then three and she was happy. Then she grabbed the back of my neck and stared me in the eye and said, in an aggressive tone, “I WANT YOUR WHOLE HAND IN ME…”

Uh. Okay. Four fingers. Then the thumb and suddenly her snatch just gobbled my hand up like I was feeding a horse an apple. I’ve never fisted anyone before so I thought it was pretty neat, punching her cervix like that. So did she. We saw each other a couple of times and shit always got weird.

— Accidental_Buttsex


This girl I was seeing had a really low cervix /short vagina (if that’s a thing)

Sex was fine, but 20% of the time I was hitting a weird soft wall

— NHMasshole


I have a great story about this!

Met this girl at a bar and went back to her place. It was after she worked a double at a restaurant. This is important to the story. Things got hot and heavy and clothes started coming off. It was a normal hookup and then came off the underwear.

All of a sudden the room filled with the thickest muskiest stench. It was so pungent that it was like you could cut it with a knife. I remembered back to when this girl said she had just gotten off a double. I worked in the industry so I get sweating. Powered through the stench and went home after.

She was a cool girl who I wanted to see again so in the next few days we made a proper hook up date and I went over to her place but this time she hadn’t worked so thought we were all good. Things got hot and heavy and everything was normal up until the underwear came off. Same thing happened, room filled up with the muskiest stench. It was kind of choking it was so bad. I’m a pretty comfortable guy to be around and I’ll say anything so I said to her, hey, I don’t want to be rude but I really think you have something going on and you should get that checked out. She admitted that she smelled it too and told that she would get a Drs. Apt the next day. Powered through again and then left.

Next day she goes to the doctor and I get a call from her. Turns out like a month ago she was drunk and put a tampon in not realizing she already had one in! She was starting to suffer from TSS. She told me had I not said anything she probably would’ve ignored it some more.

And that was the day I found out I saved a girls life by telling her that her vag stunk.

— agingbythesecond


I have no idea how she did it, but a fwb years ago could… like, eject what I left in there. Like hoark… PTOOSomeone explain this madness. It was probably the most insanely funny moment I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

She could also fist comfortably, if she relaxed. But then could flex enough to claim to feel my heartbeat through my penis.

— MisprintPrince


Probably more psychological than anything to do with her actual vagina, but she wouldn’t let me go down on her because she said it tickled too much. She was a virgin, and wanted to keep it that way for religious reasons, so we were experimenting with oral, which she’d also never tried. Every time I tried to touch or lick her she burst into laughter and pulled away from my face. Her stomach, breasts, neck, legs, were all fine: just her vagina was ticklish.

— viennaslaw


I met this girl off of tinder, we go out for dinner then back to my place. One thing led to another and she on my bed and I go down her. As I’m fingering her I feel something odd in there. Not wanting to be rude, I assumed it was a diaphragm, female condom or some other lady product I don’t know about. A minute goes by and I feel something wet, and not good wet. So I “accidentally” pull it out.

It was a used fucking condom. Night ended right there. Never have had a more intense mood swing in my life.



When I was in the Army I dated this girl who’s vagina sucked. I don’t mean it was terrible, I mean it literally sucked. I was going down on her and as she was cumming from it her vagina inhaled and tugged at my bottom lip enough I felt it. It startled me and I pulled back a bit. She didn’t notice, but I sure did. I’ll never forget that. EDIT: Yes this is 100% true.

— Dougdahead


Dated a girl that had two of them, side by side. She filled me in before our first time, explained she only used one of them and she’d have to help guide me in for a landing, so to speak. I honestly thought she was just bullshitting me until the first time I had to grab her a tampon and she reminded me she needed two…and she used both of em. You’d never have known there was anything different about her, she was absolutely gorgeous and looked perfectly normal.

— BigAl265


I once dated a girl that dried up faster than the hottest day in the Sahara desert. No matter how much lube we put on, she was dry in a minute. Dry in 60 seconds is what I call her.

— duke_nukem_king


I dated this girl for a while and time to make with the sex rolled around. I love to go down on a woman, so that was the first thing I did to her.

One of her lips down there was long. I mean like 3-4 inches long. The other one was normal sized, but when I got the long one in my mouth I honestly thought something had fallen into the bed and gotten between her legs. I stopped and did a little investigating and when I looked up at her she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had been stressing so bad about me seeing her long lip and freaking out or making fun of her.

I immediately assured her that all was well and that if she was into it I would like to continue where I left off. This cheered her up and she indicated agreement, so I went back to work on her and we had a wonderful night. I miss her, she tasted like white chocolate covered mango, definitely the most amazing tasting girl I have ever been with

— Northsidebill1


When I was in high school, I dated “Cindy” who was pretty hyper-sexual. It ended up being a large part of why I broke up with her— we’d be on the phone chatting about school and our friends, and she’d bust out with, “Guess how many fingers I have in my pussy?” It was always four.

So later on in our twenties we reconnected, she was at my house hanging out, and my roommate came home from some convention or another. He had gotten a red rubber bouncy ball, about baseball size, that lit up and flashed when you bounced it. I looked at Cindy, and started to say, “You know, I bet you could…” she had already started unzipping her jeans and said, “Only if you put it in”

So, roomie standing there, she dropped her pants and parted her legs. I smacked the ball to get it flashing, and slid it right in with zero effort. Her lips closed around the ball and bulged a little— it lit up from the inside and looked like an ambulance had just pulled up to tend to some kind of vulva emergency. When it stopped flashing, she just kinda pooped it out.

I was grinning, and my buddy just stood there slack-jawed. Finally he muttered, “You have a really nice pussy. Thank you for that,” and walked away.

— TryCoserious

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