Scientifically I Shouldn’t Love You This Much

Izabela Pawlicka
Izabela Pawlicka


love is no less

than chemical insanity
a rush of adrenaline to the brain
an overflow of dopamine,
thoughtless impulses of oxytocin
and serotonin
while air travels down the pharynx
through the larynx, the trachea
and into my lungs

As does the heart beats
at eighty beats per minute
with blood flowing from atrium
to ventricle
from artery
to vein

With that being said, I still lose my breath when you touch me,
and my heartbeat still sounds like your name
your laugh still makes me tremble
and your smile still and always will unleash
a riot of butterflies within me.

and no matter how hard I try
science can’t explain it,
this mad and passionate,
extraordinary love

beyond pheromones and hormones and the aesthetics of bone…
my heart beats only for you Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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