Punctuation My Way Out

For the lack of better terms…to poor punctuation, I never thought to end my words with periods because maybe I wanted the last words with you, but at the same time, I didn’t want my thoughts to end or to be seized abruptly for I lacked periods not for stylistic purposes or laziness, but because I didn’t want to–well–end my period with you. Ironically as it seems, I guess I never got good closure–because I didn’t want closure? The period nestled snuggly between our thoughts and times exchanged was just periods of incompleteness, but quick to assume we’d resume with dot dot dots (…) to imply continuation of some sort (of us) with a pause to short clauses – clauses to weakly justify the effects of causes followed by exclamation–points that (we)re never made but were beat around the bush (…) there we go again with the lack of correct closure but only with question (?) doubt (…) and unnecessary points (!) made with dramatic deliver, but with proof given and its proof read with a red-inked pen, we double-checked correction as we edited our ways to our own end. There. That’s good closure. Period. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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