Be Something – An Instrument, A Means, An Advocate, An Inspiration!

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A kid no more but still a kid in heart with big dreams and aspirations.

Once a selfish human but as life challenges her and shows her that compassion and love are all that matters, she then aspires to be of great use for the betterment of the world. But right now, she is still lost; does not know how and where to begin. How will she turn into reality the dreams she has for the children and the poor; the oppressed and the weak?

As she turns 22, her desire of achieving her goals becomes stronger. She may still have not done anything, taken any action, yet she believes that encouraging everyone is still something to begin with.

So, she encourages everyone to dream bigger than living in a mansion someday, having fancy stuff, getting all those material things. She encourages everyone to dream not only for oneself but also for others (especially for the children, the poor, the weak, the oppressed). She encourages everyone to live a life of purpose; a purpose that will serve equality, justice, and peace.

Let’s be something; an instrument in living the words of God.

Let’s be something; a means in helping the future generations not to live in a world with war and chaos.

Let’s be something; an advocate that serves a good purpose.

Let’s be something; an inspiration to others. For them to start dreaming living in a world where there is nothing but love, happiness, and peace.

Be something – an instrument, a means, an advocate, an inspiration.

Do something in living those dreams.

For those who do not have their ways yet, she is too. Nonetheless, it does not stop her because she has something that moves her; PRAYER.

Pray for world peace. Pray for a world where children are not dying but laughing and playing. Pray for the hungry and the poor. Pray. Pray that God grants you the will; that He makes you His instrument in changing the world for the better, always.

Then when we have the means in serving our purpose, let’s start the change we want to see.

Be something. Do something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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