Maybe They’ll Come Back Or Maybe You’ll Learn To Live Without Them

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Maybe they will come back.

Maybe the friend you lost or the person you were romantically involved with will come back to you.

Maybe one day they will lay awake in bed realizing that they let go of a person who truly loved and cherished them. Maybe they’ll realize they won’t ever find someone like you and will crave to reconnect again.

Maybe it’ll happen tomorrow. Maybe in a few days or weeks. Maybe in even a year or so.

But maybe they won’t.

And that’s okay. Even though it feels like it isn’t right now, it really is.

Everyone has lost someone at one point in their lives. Whether it be a friend, family member, or boyfriend/girlfriend. But we all overcome even the biggest loses.

That’s not to say we won’t remember and care about the person anymore, but we move on. We mourn and then we carry on with our lives even if we occasionally remember and hurt about our loses, we still live. We find new connections or rekindle old ones.

The person you may have been crying over a year or so ago may not even phase you anymore. The boy I would cry over in high school certainly doesn’t have a hold on me anymore. Neither do the friends I have lost, no matter how close we once were.

I still do wish them all well, but my heart healed from those loses.

Their absence no longer has an effect on my present. I once struggled to breathe knowing that they may  never come back and imagining a life without them seemed impossible, but I learned to not need their assistance.

I don’t need them to be my oxygen tank and I certainly don’t need them leaving to question my capability of surviving without them — enjoying life without them.

No one should have that much power over me. It’s okay to learn how to breathe on your own, in fact, you should know to breathe on your own.

Whether they come back or not is a decision on their part, whether you allow them to is a decision for you to make.

Either way, you have to learn to be okay no matter what the result is. You may not care about them coming back when they decide they want to. You may stop caring very soon about them returning.

But you will heal, you always do.

Our hearts survive and our days do get better. The person you thought you once couldn’t imagine life without starts to disappear from your list of needs.

Your survival shouldn’t be dependent on others. It shouldn’t be dependent on whether or not an individual will see all your worth and come back.

You are worth so much more than that and I promise, that there will be at least one person in this world who will see that too.

In the meantime, however, keep in mind that you survived other loses. Other precious loses that don’t have such a power that consumes you anymore. You survived that, you can survive this too.

You are worth more than that and you’re capable of being your own oxygen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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