One Day, I Hope You Find The Love You Really Deserve

I hope you never read this and know that it’s for you. If you do read this and figure out that it is for you, I hope you don’t read too much into it. This isn’t meant to be a love letter or a sermon, but I just felt like you needed to know this because in a strange way, some part of me has always cared about you and your happiness.

Because as we sat at a loud sports bar after a long night, drinking beer I pretended to like and talking about the relationships that left us vulnerable and weary, I found myself paying closer attention to the color in your eyes and the way you would throw your head back laughing at whatever stupid joke I decided to tell at that minute. You sat in front of me, telling me about all of the relationships you’ve been in that ended because someone didn’t value you as a person, and as I listened to every single tragedy of broken hearts and diminished hope, it hurt me to know that someone would ever make you feel like you couldn’t be loved like you wanted to.

I write this with no motive or agenda; as your friend who cares about you, believe me when I tell you that you deserve to be loved.

You deserve emotional security.

Someone who actually puts in as effort into relationship as you do. Someone who doesn’t keep you around until something better comes along out of fear of being alone. You deserve reciprocal trust, someone who doesn’t see you as property, who lets you be a person. Someone who believes in you and your hopes and dreams, even through the hardest times and the most outrageous of dreams. Someone who cheers you on when you tell them that you want to go to the moon, even if they know it’s logically impossible.

You deserve someone who’s honest with you and whom you can be honest with. Someone who listens to every single thought that comes out of your beautiful brain. Someone who talks you down from every worry, who celebrates every joy.

I hope you find someone who’s proud of you and proud to be with you, and I hope you feel the same about them.

You deserve to have adventures.

Someone who introduces you to new places, new music, new foods. Someone who joins you on a mini road trip through your deserted town at 3 a.m., singing along to every song you both know. Someone who can’t stop staring at you as you sing along to the fifth Queen song that night, smiling so hard that their jaw hurts. Someone who isn’t afraid to dance in the middle of a crowded building with you when that song comes on.

I hope you find someone who gets to share new experiences with you, because it’ll always be an adventure when you’re with them.

You deserve a great love story.

With someone to giggle at inside jokes with. Someone who talks through every fight with you, big or small. Someone to cry with. Someone to throw the party with on a Saturday night and to help you clean up the mess the next morning.

One day, I hope you find someone to come home to, and someone to call home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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