What Every Tough Girl Needs To Hear Right Now

The truth is, I know we really don’t need anyone. We do, but at the same time, we can survive by ourselves. We’re not dependent on anyone. We just want someone, not need. And I think that’s a good thing. Whenever I feel lonely I try to remind myself that it won’t kill me. I’m strong. You’re strong. We can make it through anything even if we don’t want to, it’s who we are. We should be proud of that.

We’re rational and not emotional, that’s not a bad thing.

At the same time, just because we are strong doesn’t mean that we always have to be. Give yourself a break every now and then, babe. It’s alright. It’s even alright to cry and to feel pain. You’ll hate it, but just don’t hate yourself because you’re brilliant. Crying won’t make you weak. You’re only weak if you give up on yourself. You’re your own person, so make sure you can count on yourself.


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