What Every Tough Girl Needs To Hear Right Now

I know my rational side; I know myself and who I am. But I don’t know how I feel. I know what I think about something, but not the emotions it gives me because that’s always been ignored. I don’t see feelings as something valid and I’m going to take a chance here and say that you don’t either.

It sucks when you’re confronted with the reality though. What happens is we ignore feelings so much that they all hit us at once every now and then. And I don’t know how to handle it; I’m guessing you don’t know either. So I’m writing this for both of us.

We’re amazing. We’re so strong that the whole world couldn’t break us. We may be hurt, but we hide it well enough. We keep going. And being able to stand, even after everything we’ve gone through is what makes us great. So be proud of that. We’re rational and not emotional, that’s not a bad thing. I don’t wish we were any different than that.


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