What Every Tough Girl Needs To Hear Right Now

istockphoto.com / ByeByeTokyo
istockphoto.com / ByeByeTokyo

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re strong. You’re brave. You’re the one who can always take it. The one that doesn’t break down. The one who never cries.

A part of you loves that you’re that strong. It’s empowering, not being weak. You probably fear that one day you’ll stop and turn fragile; maybe that’s what you’re most scared of in the world. I get it because that’s my biggest fear.

But there is another part of you that doesn’t agree. That is tired of being strong. That wishes that for once you could just break down like everyone else. For a few moments, you’ve wished you were one of those girls (that you sometimes hate) that can just cry about anything and everything. Life would be simpler, wouldn’t it? If you could just cry when you feel upset, have someone comfort you and move on. That’s the dream, right? But for us tough girls, life is more complicated than that.

I don’t cry. Well, I do occasionally, but not often at all. Why? Because I hate it. Crying makes me feel weak, worthless. While it can make some people feel better, it makes me feel worse. I get angry every time I cry because it makes me feel ridiculous.


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