The Kind Of Love I'll Give You

The Kind Of Love I’ll Give You

I’ll love you in a thousand ways and one. In the little ways I know how. Like the things that couples promise each other in their wedding vows.

Wait for you to come home kind of love.

The kind of love that has a stupid smile when I see you text me back. As if “chill” is something I don’t know how to act.

Stay in and make dinner with you on a Saturday night kind of love.

Spend Sundays cuddling when outside it’s pouring. Or spend all my money on you when we decide to go shopping.

Crack up corny jokes then give you a comforting hug when you are sad kind of love.

Save you a seat beside me in every party kind of love.

Smile at you across a crowded room because you’re all I see. All the other girls can look, but at the end of the evening, you’re coming home with me.

Get drunk with you on a Friday night then wake up the next morning with you by my side.

Call you immediately when something great happens but really, you’re the best thing that has happened to me.

Love you and your family because they raised you so well kinda love.

Every night I’ll pray because you’re a blessing from Up Above.

The kind of love with one foot on the ground because I have to love myself too while I keep on loving you.

Introduce you to my family and brag about you to my friends kind of love.

I’ll listen to you vent at the end of a long day. Remember every word you say. I’ll make you hot chocolate and stay beside you until you’re okay.

Won’t promise a forever but I’ll love you now. The future’s uncertain but we’ve got this far somehow.

I’ll cook you dinner because love alone won’t keep us alive but I’ll keep you well fed. Anything you want, I’ll cook you pasta or attempt some burnt lasagne. All I know how to make is instant ramen but for you I’ll learn how to bake bread.

Make weekend plans with you and then follow through. Keep promises I made you because you’ve always stayed true.

Won’t judge your weird quirks or how you eat pizza with the crust first kind of love.

Sleep soundly beside you and still have dreams of you kind of love.

Kiss you on the cheeks, on the lips or forehead even in public and not shy away from putting my love for you in display.

Be your lover but also your friend kind of love.

Take care of you when you are sick. Cook you porridge, make sure you take your meds, do everything so you recover quick.

Slow dance with you on the kitchen floor and let the pasta cool kind of love.

Take adventures with you or stay home with you. Anywhere with you.

Fulfil your every fantasy like how you turned mine into reality kind of love.

Put your picture in my wallet kind of love.

Surprise you on your birthday, bake you a cake, buy you presents and get the balloons sorted like it’s my job.

Be so into you but not get jealous of your exes or other girls. What for when I’m the one with you now.

Pay you full attention when we’re together kind of love. I wouldn’t want to miss a second with you (or of you) when being there with you is what I’ve always dreamed of.

Ask the universe how I got so damn lucky kind of love.

Sing songs in the car on top of our lungs on a road trip because I’m deliriously happy, glad, at peace, contented and everything good that you make me feel.

Skipping home from work because it’s you that I’m coming home to kind of love.

Appreciate you and what you do on the regular because you’re an amazing human being. I’ll meet your demands, whatever they are.

Choose you everyday even when surrounded with all the other pretty boys in their flashy clothes (they seem shallow to me) but my mind is full of you, you and you only. There’s really no room for other guys.

Go on dinner dates with you just so I could take you home kind of love.

Hold your hand on the streets and everywhere else kind of love.

Tell you I love you every day in all the languages I know kind of love.

Be respectful of you like how you’ve shown me respect. Agree on things with you but also ready to agree to disagree. Argue with you and maybe let a few blunders slip.

Stay by your side through difficult times kind of love.

Go through the difficult conversations with you and still be together in the end kind of love.

Believe in you wholeheartedly and love you faithfully.

Give you space when you need it like I need it kind of love.

Be the best version of myself for you but also show you the worst and everything in between.

Build a life with you and not care about whether it’ll fall apart or not. I have you now and that to me is the most important.

Keep your secrets kind of love.

Keep you from feeling lonely kind of love. Maybe even settle down with you when I’m ready kind of love.

Support you and cheer you on during your toughest moments.

Try to understand you even when we don’t see eye to eye kind of love.

Always make time for you and make effort. Make you laugh and stay honest to you, so you don’t question my intentions.

Give you the last piece of pizza kind of love.

Be silly, grossly, crazy in love with you kind of love.

Fall in love with you in the little moments and even in the extraordinary. I really don’t care if we’d end up married of if this is just temporary. But if I’m being honest, losing you does sound a little bit scary.

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