Dear God, This Is My Prayer

Let me hear Your voice amidst the noises of the world.

May I wake up tomorrow with a grateful heart for all that You’ve done and all that You continue to do not only for me but for my loved ones too.

Let not the treasures of the earth cloud my judgement but give me the will to remain faithful in You so that I may be part in fulfilling Your will.

I may have spent my days pretending to be okay, to be someone else, or to always be the best version of myself but You know me and my heart and what’s inside my mind. Rid me of destructive thoughts and anger in my heart for whatever is conceived in both my mind and my heart manifest themselves in what I do in my life.

Heal me from the wounds inflicted by those I’ve loved and left. Leave me only the scars as a lesson and reminder of the storms I’ve survived.

Protect me from my enemies especially those disguised as friends.

Help me clear my head when anxiety kicks in and fills my mind with worries and fears.

Comfort me in times of sorrow and let me not forget You in happy times but may I fold my knees in prayer of thanks and adoration.

Give me clarity to understand that unanswered prayers are also blessings in the manner of protection from people and things not meant for me.

Guide me always with my decisions, my actions, and my words that I may not stray from the path that You have carefully paved for me.

Love me dearly even when I have often neglected to talk to You and have even turned my back on You. Let not my anger and misery be the cause of my faith to fail.

Do not let me be blind to the struggles of the world but let me be an instrument to help others.

Teach me to love others unconditionally, to care and to give generously, and to be graceful in times of distress, and always stay calm in whatever deluge that may come.

May my spirit always be strong lest I fall for the tricks of the world.

May I find comfort in the silence so I can listen to others better.

May I be at peace with my past.

May I speak only what is good and nothing ill about anyone or anything.

May I find the strength to forgive and to be accepting of the things that I have no control over.

May I always be kind and never take for granted those who love me.

Hear my prayers and if I find them unanswered, give me clarity that You have better plans for me.

Guard my heart that it may not stray away from You.


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Just another girl who likes to blog and read poetry in her spare time.

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