A Short List Of Things I Like (That Have Nothing To Do With You)

I like my Sundays with my sweatpants on, unwashed hair in a bun and no one around so I can lay in bed all I want.

All eyes on me as I walk along the streets. It might be the way I walk or the way I talk, but my confidence comes not from the attention I get.

No need for me to worry about replying to boring texts from boring guys that send me nothing but “you up?” Yeah, I’m up. Up to no good, just not with you.

But of course, I can flirt around with just about anyone and maybe kiss one or two guys goodnight with no strings attached.

I like my nights quiet with no drama or fights that come along in every relationship’s light. There’s Netflix and wine or Ben & Jerry’s if I don’t feel fine.

I have no time to put up with anyone’s shit. What for, when I can just snore under the sheets?

I like walking away from toxic people and things, for they no longer help me grow. They can go be toxic somewhere else or with somebody else.

I like my coffee sweet with three teaspoons of sugar. Sweeter than my exes who tasted like a mouthful of lies with a dash of inconsistency and added unfaithful on the side.

I like my time and my money. Who even said that being alone is lonely? I got work, friends and family. They’re enough to keep me busy.

I like the beach, the sun, the sand and the orange juice in my hand. I like the smell of sunscreen and my hat, even my cute bikini that shows my belly fat. I’d even snap a pic or two for my Instagram, and body shamers can say what they want but boys still be flexin’ when I come around.

I like meeting new people but not getting too close. I’ve built my walls up so high. I think I got enough people in my life for me to get by.

I like my bed to myself, my house to myself, my pizza to myself, and more for myself. Really, there’s no space in my life for somebody else.

Whoever said single people are ugly must be those in relationships that are unhappy. I walk around with my head up confidently. Dress up, glam up, or dress down and I’ll still be confident with my body.

No, nothing’s wrong with my personality. No need for me to be down with negative self-talk tricks. I just know I still haven’t found the one who fits me. I’ll just keep living independently and maybe one day I’ll meet someone I fancy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Just another girl who likes to blog and read poetry in her spare time.

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