This Is How I Am Going To Love You

This Is How I Am Going To Love You

I’ll love you in the ordinary moments—of you sleeping on my lap while I read a book and bask in how nice the quiet feels with you.

I’ll love you when it’s the weekend and we’re on a date and I see all these people around us but I’m happy to be right there with you.

I’ll love you in the late-night car rides with the music blasting with my favourite songs while you drive with one hand while the other is holding my hand.

I’ll love you in the subtleties—the passing glance, a subtle smile you’d almost missed, the subtle moments of you looking away while I look at you and never again doubt my luck.

I’ll love you in ways unnoticed, like removing lint off your clothes, choosing a restaurant I think you’d enjoy, paying attention to every story, every word you say and holding you close, so close to me but it’ll never be close enough.

I’ll love you with every word, every promise, every sincere emotion that you make me feel when I’m with you.

I’ll love you while I do mundane tasks at home or at work and you cross my mind once, twice or even three times but if I were being really honest, you never really leave my mind.

I’ll love you like it’s my last time to love someone. Because with you standing in front of me and telling me you love me too is one of the best things to have happened in my life.

I’ll love you and you alone because there’s no one else quite like you. All these people around us can catch my eye but not my heart.

I’ll love you with a love so eager to see you after work, to hold your hand, make weekend plans with you or just listen to you talk about how your day has been.

I’ll love you with a strength to not give up through whatever ups and downs that life may bring. Even when times get too hard, know that I’d still be there.

I’ll love you in the difficult times—of you stressing out about work or any family issues that may arise. I’ll be home to you.

I’ll love you with all honesty and vulnerability I can muster even when the truth and my feelings get a little too messy. I’ll love you while you slowly peel the layers of my personality and my psyche.

I’ll love you on Sunday mornings when I wake up next to you while you enjoy a few more minutes of sleep.

I’ll love you with a love I was too scared to give because my heart had been broken one too many times, but I’ll risk it anyway with you.

I’ll love you as I silently watch you do the things you love and get inspired by the passion in your eyes.

I’ll love you in the times you need my support—I’ll be your cheerleader, your number 1 fan, a paparazzi on the streets or simply just a girl who adores you.

I’ll love you in the passionate kisses we share with your hands up in my hair.

I’ll love you with intentions so pure you’ll forget the doubts inside your head.

I’ll love you in times of defeat and in glorious moments of victory in your life or even mine.

I’ll love you when I wake up on a winter morning and it’s so cold but you’re not there next to me. I’ll love you even in your absence.

I’ll love you even in arguments where our views and opinions clash and I try to hear and understand your side but all I see is anger in your eyes. I’ll love you despite the bugging indifference in my eyes.

I’ll love you in the quiet moments of us still feeling upset after a fight when we exchanged words that hurt each other. I’ll love you even then.

I’ll love you in the silent moments we share where we don’t feel the need to fill with words because our presence alone is enough.

I’ll love you and your perpetually messy hair, eyes that see through my soul and lips that you know I like to kiss.

I’ll love you for all that you are—your weird quirks that I find adorable and even the you in all your bad moods.

I’ll love you in all the ways I know how to love until the day you decide it’s not the kind of love that you want.

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