5 Witty Answers For When Someone Tells You Your Standards Are Too High

Being single is not a bad thing and is actually quite fun. There are many different reasons why people choose to be single instead of jumping onto the relationship bandwagon, be it focusing on the career, friends and family, taking time to get over a previous relationship, or simply enjoying singlehood. However, it sometimes make other people worry a little too much for you and suggest silly things like “lower your standards.” But here are a few witty answers for when that happens.

1. “Yeah, sorry that you’re not qualified.”

For those you rejected and have the bitterness to tell you you’ll forever be alone if you don’t lower your standards. But why would you lower your standards just to accommodate them and their half-ass efforts?

2. “Why would I lower my standards for a person that I’d be spending the rest of my life with?”

Because, really, why would you? Tell this to the nosy relatives who have been setting you up with people.

3. “They’re really not. Why don’t you raise yours?”

For the so-called “friends” who tell you to get a significant other yet are always complaining about their own relationships.

4. “Well, God created someone who’s perfect for me.”

Because why pray hard for a Prince Charming when you’re just gonna settle for a frog? Trust God’s timing and know that He has someone perfect for you. It may not be exactly what you think you want but He will give you someone that you need.

5. “What makes you think I deserve less?”

This shouts confidence and will leave them dumbfounded.

6. “I’d rather be alone than settle.”

Because you deserve only the best, and it’s better to be alone than settle with a person who does not treat you with the utmost respect, love and care.

Remember that “alone” is not synonymous to “lonely.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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