This Is How You Truly Love Yourself

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This is how you truly love yourself.

You love yourself by being gentle to yourself especially with the words you choose to say to yourself. Love yourself by treating yourself like how you would treat a dear friend. You don’t say harsh things to them, do you? So why easily throw such words to yourself?

You love yourself by constantly challenging yourself and not letting yourself remain stagnant. No one grows by staying in their comfort zone. Challenge yourself in every way possible, a little progress every day is better than no progress at all, just don’t remain the person you are yesterday.

You love yourself by taking good care of yourself. Because if you can’t take care of yourself, how do you think you’ll be able to take care of those dear to you?

You love yourself by refusing to settle.

You love yourself by having the self-respect to walk away from things and people that don’t value you.

You love yourself by giving yourself time to heal and being patient in the process.

Loving yourself means setting a standard for yourself of what you choose to accept and will not accept. Be it the way other people treat you or a job that don’t further your skills.

Love yourself by appreciating the beauty and life of others without comparing it to your own.

You love yourself by being accepting of yourself and setting realistic goals. And if these goals are not met, don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

You love yourself by not taking criticisms personally but by using them to encourage yourself to do better.

You love yourself by not letting other people’s opinion of you control you.

You love yourself by learning to say “no”. Because being nice is different from being a pushover.

You love yourself by treating yourself every once in a while. All work and no play can drive even the sanest man insane. Treat yourself to an hour-long bath or a dessert at your favorite cafe or a shopping spree. Because you deserve it.

You love yourself by refusing to base your worth on the number of likes you get on social media. Your confidence should not come from the validations you receive from other people where your “followers” can only see your successes and not all the hard work that lies beneath it. Your confidence should come from the faith that you have decided to put on yourself and in what you can achieve.

You love yourself by not trying to be “pretty” in the eyes of many as if a pretty face is all that you can offer.

You love yourself by not denying yourself of the hardships of life but by having the perseverance and strength from God to go through them. Because that is how you grow.

You love yourself by being comfortable with your own company without constantly feeling lonely.

This is how you love yourself. Because loving yourself means more than just uploading a photo with the caption “#selflove.” TC mark


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