All My Life I’ve Been Told I’m Too Young To Fall In Love (Thank God I Met Someone Who Showed Me Otherwise)

Brittani Lepleyv
Brittani Lepleyv

All my life I have been told that I was too young to fall in love. Thank God someone came along and taught me otherwise.

When really are we deemed ready to fall in love? When we can rationally distinguish what serious is from folly? When we already figure the things that need figuring out? When we have already found ourselves that it could be okay for us to share it with someone else?

Removing “love” leaves us with a somehow easier question. When are we ready to fall? We fall all the time. We have been falling ever since we were young. We fell right after we took our first baby steps. We went for it anyway simply because we thought we can. It did not occur to us that we may get hurt in the end. That was exactly the beauty of it. We did it without fear. We fell but we learned that we could always get back up and try again.

Why don’t we fall in love like this, just going for it without reservations at all? There is nothing scarier than entering the unknown, but nothing more exciting than knowing what we might find there.

Love is the most basic of both human emotion and action. There is nothing more beautiful than reveling in this rawness and innocence. What better time to fall in love than when we are young. And I am glad I did.

I am lucky I met someone who made me happy, someone who knew romance and swept me off my feet, someone who reminded me of all the good in the world.

I am lucky I fell in love before I got to know disappointment. I am lucky I fell in love at a time when all I knew was to hope and dream.

I am lucky I met someone whom I could still write good things about even though I am already doing it in the past tense.

I am lucky I met someone with whom all the used to’s are still worth reliving.

I am lucky I met someone whom without a doubt I will choose again even if it means I will go through the same heartbreak.

I am lucky I met someone whom without a doubt I will choose again if it only means I get to feel the love once more.

No, I am not just lucky. I am extremely blessed to have felt all these when I was still young and falling in love was as easy as if I were taking my first baby steps. Falling in love should feel like this – like the first time, every time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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