33 Things To Know Before You Enter Your Mid-20s

Allef Vinicius

1. Having hobbies, interests etc. is not something to be forced. It takes time, so don’t ever feel that you are hollow and boring

2. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is only temporary. You aren’t missing anything.

3. Your High school, middle school, and elementary school friends are the ones you will most likely have forever. There’s a special connection, you can always pick up where you leave off.

4. Call people more.

5. You will reach a point in your twenties when you realize you can do whatever the hell you want. No one else’s opinion really matters.

6. Exercise at least 3 days a week

7. Make your bed every morning, it’s the little things.

8. Spending time with your mom and dad didn’t seem as cool when you were younger. Now, it’s so important.

9. Different relationships teach you what you do/don’t want.

10. Trust your gut, I’m telling you, it’s the truth. Your heart is legit too.

11. The world is a beautiful and fucked up place.

12. Never stop being yourself for anyone. You are amazing in the way you walk, talk, eat, snore, breathe, sneeze, and sleep.

13. People are naturally jealous. Including you. Learn to control it.

14. Your mind can make you think crazy thoughts, train your brain.

15. Never be afraid to show more love- the people who don’t have the ability to express as much as you, wish deep down that they could.

16. Connect with as many people as possible at work, be a sponge. You never know where it could take you.

17. You are your own best friend. Get excited to hang out with yourself. It’s calming knowing that you can have your own thoughts and no one is there to shoot them down.

18. Finding your self doesn’t just happen at once. It takes years.

19. Be proactive in everything that you do.

20. Get hurt in a relationship- it changes you for the better.

21. Be at peace with what you’ve got. Someone will always be prettier, smarter, and funnier than you are. EMBRACE IT.

22. Eat like shit on the weekends if you want to.

23. If you love someone, tell them. Look them in the eyes.

24. Say sorry when you are in the wrong. Don’t be stubborn.

25. Take photos and make memories.

26. Always try to make someone’s day.

27. Don’t be afraid to cry.

28. Friends drift, and that’s okay.

29. Stand up for yourself, don’t get stomped on.

30. Don’t put your relationship on a pedestal, it messes things up.

31. Once again train your brain, train your brain to not over analyze.

32. Everything happens for a reason. If you have a hard time believing that, just pretend to. It’ll make you feel better.

33. MOVE TO A NEW CITY AFTER COLLEGE. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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