8 Reasons Our Generation Totally Loves Listicles

1. It’s much easier and much faster to make a list than to write an in depth article about something interesting and noteworthy. And who really cares anyway about what’s going on in the world? I just want to know the 23 reasons why I should get a pixie cut.

2. We prefer to scan quickly through things rather than actually taking the time to read them because we have absolutely no attention span or patience. This is all thanks to the internet.

3. All the cool kids are doing it!

4. Our generation is lazy, VERY, VERY lazy. You probably already stopped reading this.

5. We totally forgot how to properly write an essay, let alone a paragraph. What do you mean I’m supposed to indent that? What’s a margin?

6. Who has thoughts that consist of more than 140 characters anymore?

7. Did I mention, we’re lazy?

8. Because it took me 10 minutes to write this and 2 minutes for you to read this. Now you can get back to drinking alone, playing on your Xbox and not applying for jobs.

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This post originally appeared at Postgraduate Girl Problems.

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