20 Things Only People Who Work With Kids Understand

Alain Leroux
Alain Leroux

(1) Get the Purell ready because germs, germs, germs, they’re EVERYWHERE! Children are like little Petri dishes!

(2) There is no way in hell that you’ll ever be able to give instructions just once.

(3) Snack time should be called “Let’s get crackers on the floor and step on them!”

(4) If you expect children to get in a straight line EVER you’re a damn fool.

(5) People who say psychiatrists are over diagnosing ADHD obviously haven’t spent more than 5 minutes in a classroom.

(6) Peanut butter is a hazardous substance.

(7) You have to find creative new ways to say “no.”

(8) You know all the names of the kids with behavioral problems.

(9) You’re often treated like you’re a babysitter rather than an educator.

(10) You’re use to people asking “Why would you do something that pays so little?”

(11) If you come home without markers all over your hands it’s been a good day.

(12) There must be a magician in school because pencils are constantly disappearing.

(13) Coloring in the lines is overrated.

(14) You know you get paid a lot less that your peers but at the end of the day you’d never choose another career path because it’s so rewarding.

(15) Getting a shy kid to come out of his or her shell is the best feeling in the world.

(16) You bought 75% of the supplies in your classroom yourself and you know there’s no way in hell you’re getting reimbursed.

(17) The job never just ends at 3pm.

(18) When they make little things and presents for you your heart melts.

(19) Sometimes you have to throw all lesson plans out the window and just improvise, and that’s okay.

(20) You know what you’re doing isn’t just a job it’s a calling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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