20 Things I Wish All Men Would Do


(1) Ask me out over the phone or in person instead of on text message or Facebook chat. Facebook chat is basically the lowest form of communication on the totem of chat, and I deserve more than a “What r u doing tonight? U free?”

(2) Text or call me back in a timely fashion. If you need more info on this one read the previous entry I wrote.

(3) Offer to pay every once in awhile even if this isn’t the first date. Yes I’m a feminist, and yes I don’t mind splitting the bill and no I don’t expect a guy to pay every time, but it’s nice to get the offer every once in awhile.

(4) Write me a song and serenade me. This is basically the sexiest thing ever, I wish every guy could write music and perform, and sing a song specifically about how wonderful I am.

(5) Stop being overly sarcastic all the time. This annoys me to no end. Sarcasm is fine every so often, but it just gets tacky after awhile.

(6) Treat me with the utmost respect. I think this goes without saying.

(7) Cook me dinner or make me breakfast (if possible in bed). That would be AMAZING.

(8) Ask me how I’m doing on a daily basis. I love when guys check in on you in a sweet and caring way.

(9) Admit when they’re wrong and apologize. So many guys are way too proud to do this, but it takes a real man to own up to his mistakes.

(10) Take care of me when I’m sick. It’s the sweetest thing in the world when a guy brings you chicken noodle soup and stays by your bedside when you’re ill.

(11) Be more interested in me as a person than in sleeping with me.

(12) Be creative with date ideas. Don’t just take me to the local watering hole or Applebees (in fact going there is a deal breaker for me). Make an effort, think of something interesting.

(13) Surprise me with flowers or a little gift every once in awhile. I’m not asking for diamonds, but it’s nice to get a little something from your guy now and again. It could be as simple as a rose or as extravagant as a necklace, it really doesn’t matter what, it truly is the thought that counts.

(14) Offer to do a favor without being asked. If you know I need a ride to and from the doctor to get my wisdom teeth out it would be lovely of you to offer your help without me asking.

(15) Be a gentleman, open the car door for me, open any and all doors for me. Make me believe that chivalry isn’t dead.

(16) Listen to me when I’m talking. There’s nothing better than a good listener.

(17) Allow me to express my emotions, even cry without thinking I’m a crazy bitch and run away.

(18) Pay attentions to my likes and dislikes, my needs and desires and try to satisfy them.

(19) Not make sexist jokes. I hate those, unless they’re ridiculously funny.

(20) Lend me your jacket when I’m cold. This is like the #1 gentleman move, you should so do it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This post originally appeared at PostGraduateGirlProblems.

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