4 Beliefs Of Positive People


Positive people are resilient, strong and emit good vibes. They are good to be around. They can uplift your soul and inspire you to do better in life. But how do positive people manage to stay positive even after they had their heart broken? How do they manage to get back up when life knocks them down?

The answer is: Their beliefs. Our beliefs affect our attitude, decisions and actions. Here are the four beliefs of positive people:

1. Better things will come along

People who believe that better things will come along when things are going wrong are hopeful. Being hopeful can keep you going no matter how difficult your life is. Bad things may keep happening to positive people, but believing that better things will come along help them get through their major setback.

2. Good things happen to a good person with a good attitude

Positive people know the benefits of being a good person with a good attitude. When you are a good person, you decrease your chance of getting in trouble. Don’t participate in gossips and don’t say lies about anyone. Good people are not envious of other people’s happiness and success. Instead, they try to learn from successful individuals and encourage others to do better in life.

A person with a good attitude lightens up a room with their good vibes. Many people like working and being around them, because of their positive thinking and energy. Good attitude says, “I can be successful.” Bad attitude says, “I’m not going to be successful.” Hence, this is why those with good attitude find great opportunities easily or get job offers often.

Being a good person doesn’t mean you will avoid getting hurt. But one thing is certain, being a good person with a good attitude means that although others can still hurt you, they can’t destroy you. That is because when you think positively, you can get through anything in life.

3. Being positive will bring more positivity in my life

Those who are positive choose to be positive, even when their world is supposed to be falling apart. This is because they know that they won’t get anything good by being negative. Who enjoys being around whiny and controlling people anyway?

When you are emitting good vibes, good and interesting people will gravitate around you.  Complaining a lot and seeing only the bad things in people or situations will push others away. Being negative won’t make you happy either.

It is okay to complain sometimes or to feel hopeless. However, do not make complaining a habit. Try to find hope when you are feeling hopeless. Find opportunities in obstacles. Choose your thoughts and adjust your perspective, because your attitude depends on what you think and your beliefs. When you start thinking positive, you will start being positive. Good things will follow.

4. You reap what you sow.  

Positive people believe that positive thinking combined with positive action brings positive results. If you treat others well, good things will happen to you. If you keep doing things that hurt others’ reputation or feelings, you’ll never be at peace with yourself and happiness will be a stranger. You’ll also push good people away.

Positive people do not seek revenge. They believe that you reap what you sow or in karma. Hence, they don’t feel the need to get their hands dirty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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