This Is For The Woman Who Survived Abuse

Trigger Warning

It’s not easy sharing the stories that haunts you in your sleep.

It’s not easy to go back to who you are.

It’s not easy to hide the scars that you’ve been hiding for so long.

Maybe you are in an abusive relationship right now, or maybe you had an abusive relationship before.

But one thing is for sure, We’re the same.

We’re the victims of our past.

We’re the victims of the boys who won’t grow up.

We’re the victims of the person who we thought that’s going to protect us.

We’re the victims of the person who simply doesn’t know how to respect a woman.

We’re the victims of the boys who pretend to be a man.

We’re the victims of the horrible person who can and will hit a woman.

The boy who tells you that you are not good enough, who won’t take you to dates, who won’t hold your hand, who won’t wipe away your tears and who tells you that you can’t do anything without him. As if you owe him your life.

A boy who shouts at you, a boy who curses at you and hits you. A boy that lets you sleep with tears in your eyes.

It’s hard to admit the truth that He’s not going to change. You will not wake up one day to a good man.

The painful truth is this.

He is not like that. He is not a man. He is not worthy of your time, of your love and especially your everything.

You forgave, and forgave. Until there was nothing left.

You cried, and cried. Until there were no more tears.

You begged.

He can’t and will not change.

But You can.

You can decide to put yourself first. To love yourself just by letting go.

To give respect to yourself.

To see yourself in a good and different way.

To find yourself.


One day, you’ll meet someone who will take you to dates. Who will hold your hand tight. Who will hug you in your weakest moments. Who will wipe your tears away and kiss your sorrows goodbye.

The one who will respect you.

The one who will give you everything without asking for it.

The one who will accept your scars.

The one who will love you the way you deserve to be loved.

The one who deserves you.

The one who accepts who you were, who you are and who you will be.

The one who will pray for you and will thank God for you.

And when you meet him, you will thank yourself for letting go and letting someone, someone who deserves your love, love you too.

A Man.

A Good Man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark