This Is What It Truly Feels Like To Have A Mental Illness

Sydney Sims / Unsplash

What does having mental health disorder really feel like?

It feels like you are always different from the others.

It feels like you are just simply not normal.

It feels like there is something in you that is different, not the kind of different you want but the kind of different that makes you question everything.

It feels like being hit like a truck, it was something that you cannot bear alone.

It feels as if everything and everyone is against you.

It is constant worrying 24/7.

It is crying at night and won’t be being able to stop.

It is when the world feels like it is going around you in a nonstop motion.

It is when all sense of desire is lost.

It feels like all the happiness was sucked out of you.

It is when you cannot go to school because the anxiety is so bad.

It is when you find yourself at the floor of your bathroom crying and asking what’s wrong with you.

It is when the love that keeps you is disappearing.

It is when you don’t recognize yourself anymore.

It is when you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t see any resemblance between you and your past self.

It feels empty.

It just simply, feels empty.

And when the day begins and you finally recognized that you need help, that’s when the healing will begin. That’s when that little hope, no matter how small it may seem will make big difference.

It is when you will finally look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m finally okay.”

You are finally healed and you are finally happy.

Because You, you deserve every happiness and joy the world has to offer.

So, go on and live your life with peace and hope.

Don’t forget.

You are special. TC mark

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